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Sell your property quickly and easily...

HomeFinance Spain ensures the entire legal process of selling your property is carried out quickly and easily. Our clients can sit back and relax, while we take care of business. Additional low cost services include: power of attorney, tax returns, surveys, certificates, translations, background checks and currency exchange.

Complete Support

Full support throughout the whole process including notary visits and free aftersales services.

Power of Attorney

Option to grant us power of attorney so we can complete the whole process on your behalf.

Taxes & Tax Returns

Option for us to handle the preparation of your property taxes and non-resident tax returns.

And much more...

Additional low-cost services include, translations, background checks, currency exchange and much more...

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Why you need a Property Conveyancer

Navigating through Spanish laws and procedures can seem daunting – especially in a foreign language. Over the years, we have established a process that enables our clients to sit back and relax, confident in the knowledge that HomeFinance Spain are taking care of the entire selling process of your Spanish property.

Our team of property experts know that every property transaction is different, with every situation requiring different paperwork, certificates and documents. The administration tasks, translating of documents and formal visits to the notary are lengthy and often stressful – which is why our clients are happy for us to carry out the whole conveyancing process for them while they relax.

We provide a friendly service to all our clients and have established a great relationship with local notaries, lawyers and other professionals in Spain. You can trust our advice and recommendations!

We are professionals with a wealth of experience in the financial, property and law industries in Spain. We are committed to helping our clients in every aspect of the Spanish conveyancing service.

HomeFinance Spain are fully transparent and honest about all fees. We pride ourselves on being proactive and cost effective on the advice we give.

7 steps to the Conveyancing process in Spain

  1. Our team will prepare all the documentation for the sale of your property.
  2. We carry out all routine background checks for the property, including a land registry check. We will inform you of any outstanding charges such as property utilities, council taxes, community fees or mortgages. You can have peace of mind that all outstanding debts have been cleared prior to completion.
  3. Before the notary visit, our team will send a detailed completion statement with all of the costs incurred for the sale of the property. 
  4. Before selling your Spanish property, you must have a Habitation Certificate and Energy Certificate. Our team can help you have both in place before selling.
  5. If you cannot be in Spain on the day of the completion of the sale of your property, we also provide Power of Attorney. This service allows us to sign for you on the day of completion at the notary.
  6. We provide a full day of support on the day of the sale of your property in the notary. This includes translating and explaining the process for you.
  7. Currency Exchange – HomeFinance Spain can also arrange for your completion cheque to be exchanged in the currency of your choice.

Additional Conveyancing Services

After-Sales Service

We provide a range of after-purchase services for our clients when the sale of their property is completed.


Checking the fiscal value of the property, ensuring all taxes are paid and help submitting your non-resident tax return.

3% Retention Fee

We can handle the process of getting a refund on your 3% retention fee from the local tax authority - where applicable.

Spanish Bank Account

We will arrange for the closure of your Spanish bank account if you have granted us Power of Attorney.

Property Surveys

We can organise a private survey to be carried out on your property by a registered surveyor or architect.

Translation Services

Available throughout the conveyancing procedure and for any other property or legal services you might require.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a non-resident in Spain and own a Spanish property, you must pay the local tax authority 3% of the property price when you are selling. HomeFinance Spain can help you get this fee back – Click the link for more information: What is the 3% retention fee in Spain?

No, you do not have to be in Spain on the day of completion. Take away the stress of unnecessary flights, time away from your family and trips to the notary by granting HomeFinance Spain Power of Attorney. This means we can represent you on the day of signing at the notary, after confirming you are happy with every detail of the competition contract. For more read – How using a Power of Attorney in Conveyancing can save you time and stress!

Yes, you will need an NIE number to buy or sell property in Spain. You will also need it if you are getting a job or a mortgage in Spain. HomeFinance Spain can help you get your NIE number. For more information see How do I get an NIE in Spain?

HomeFinance Spain recommends that our clients who have a Spanish property make a Will in Spain. This will make things easier for your beneficiaries. For more information see How do I make a Spanish Will as an expat?

A Nota Simple is a Property Registry Filing. This is a vital document in the Spanish conveyancing process. It is comprised of a short legal report of the property and is obtained from the Land Registry. It contains information on the current owner, the type of ownership, a description of the property, the property size and any debts on the property.

Yes, all property owners in Spain are obliged to file an annual tax return, regardless of whether the owner lives in another country and pays taxes there. HomeFinance Spain can help you with your non-resident tax return. For more information click here: Do I have to make a non-resident tax return in Spain?

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By submitting this form, you confirm that you agree to our website terms of use, to our privacy policy and consent to cookies being stored on your computer.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies.