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How do I get the Energy Certificate in Spain?

The long list of documents required to sell or rent your Spanish property can seem endless. We offer a service which lets you sit back and relax, while we obtain everything you need! Here we explain exactly what the Energy Performance Certificate is and how to get it. Keep reading for more…

What is the Energy Performance Certificate?

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) includes information about a buildings level of energy efficiency. The purpose of this certificate is to allow potential buyers or tenants to compare different buildings energy efficiency levels with others.

A new law has been passed in Spain which states that property owners must give the energy certificate to potential tenants and buyers. 

How is energy efficiency ranked on the certificate?

The efficiency levels are based on a scale that gives an energy rating, starting from ‘A’ to ‘G’. With ‘A’ being the highest efficiency level, and ‘G’ the lowest. The rating considers the levels of efficiency of the buildings consumption of energy, gas and water.

Who is responsible for obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate?

The owner of a property that intends to sell or rent their property is responsible for obtaining the energy performance certificate.

However, if the property or building is brand new – the responsibility lies with the developer.

When do Energy Performance Certificates expire?

Energy Performance Certificates need to be renewed every 10 years. Again, it is the property owner who must renew the certificate.

When will I need to present the certificate?

There are 3 times you will need to present an energy performance certificate:

  1. When you are selling a property in Spain, you will need to give the certificate to the buyer.
  2. If you are a landlord of a Spanish property, you will need to provide the tenant with a copy of the certificate. 
  3. When your Spanish property is being advertised for sale, you will need to allow the estate agent to display the energy efficiency details anywhere they are advertising the property. This includes posters, internet portals, websites, window displays and brochures.

Who verifies an Energy Performance Certificate?

An architect or engineer signs the energy performance certificate to verify it. 

What happens if I do not have an Energy Performance Certificate?

Penalties can be imposed if you do not have an energy performance certificate. Inspectors in Spain are now checking that all properties have the certificate.

I am only renting my property short-term, do I still need to provide my tenant with a certificate?

It depends on the length of the rental term. If you are going to rent out your property for longer than four months – you will need to provide your tenant with an energy performance certificate.

Are there any instances where the certificate is not required?

Yes, the following properties do not require an energy performance certificate:

  1. A property that is going to be completely renovated or knocked down.
  2. A property that has a floor size of less than 50 square meters.
  3. A property that is used for less than four months out of the year.
  4. A property that has a rental contract for less than four months of the year. 

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