How to get the most out of your Spanish Home Insurance!

Want to get the most value out of your house insurance? Here are just a few ways clients can ensure they are looking after their home (and their bank balance) when it comes to keeping it safe! In this blog, we will discuss a few ways you can get the most out of your home insurance cover. Keep reading for more! 

Get the most out of your Home Insurance

Ensuring you have adequate coverage for your home is vital for keeping it safe. Choosing a cheaper policy may seem like you’re saving money, however, if something was to happen and your policy does not cover you – it will end up being more expensive than if you had just taken out the right policy to begin with. 

4 ways to ensure you are getting the most out of your Spanish Home Insurance

Here are just a few ways clients can ensure they are looking after their home and keeping it safe!

  1. Create a content list: Making a comprehensive list detailing all of your assets for your own records is very important, especially in the event of a fire, or another event that damages your house and its contents. If you over value or under value your assets, this can affect the claim you can make. It’s essential that you give each of your assets a realistic value. We recommend that you take photos of your assets and keep receipts outside of the home.
    Assets to include in the list range from computers, art, jewellery, electrical appliances to antiques.
  2. Look after your home and be aware of any damage: Early detection of problems is very important. Try to keep an eye out for any damage to your property, such as burst water pipes or ceiling leaks. If there is damage caused by not acting on time, this can affect your claim.
  3. Secure your home to lessen the risk of break ins: Keeping your home secure is vital, as the cost of your home insurance premium will depend on how much security your house has. We recommend our clients to have strong locks on their doors, an alarm and shutters on their windows.
  4. Ensure you know exactly what is included in your home insurance policy: To ensure you have adequate cover for your home, it is vital you familiarise yourself with exactly what your home insurance coverage includes – more about levels of coverage.

What are the common risks for homes in Spain?

The greatest risk to homes is anything that endangers your family, including fires, gas leaks and explosions. Broken windows and theft caused by break ins are also a threat to your home that insurance will cover.

Less serious risks can cause substantial damage to your pocket, such as water damage caused by leaks.

The benefit of having adequate home insurance is that you will be covered no matter what type of claim you make.

3 factors that will dictate how much your home insurance premium will be

  1. The location of your property: What area or neighbourhood your home is in can affect the cost of your premium. If you have a ground-floor apartment, studio or house, the risk of burglary is higher which increases your insurance premium. In contrast, a mid-floor or penthouse apartment will be cheaper to insure.
  2. The date of construction of your property: When your property was built or last renovated will affect your insurance premium. Older properties will be more expensive to insure as the risk of damage is greater.
  3. If the facilities in your property are second hand: Having older facilities can affect your premium and your claims. So, ensuring you have a policy that will cover everything you need is essential to save you money. 

Over to you...

We hope you have found the above recommendations helpful in getting the most out of your home insurance policy! If you have any more tips, we would love to hear from you.

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