NIE for expats in Spain

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Option 1 - Collect your NIE locally in person.
Option 2 - We deliver your NIE - ideal for overseas clients.

If you are moving to Spain, you will need a NIE number to do just about anything. Whether you are buying or selling property, getting a job in Spain, paying your taxes or setting up a Spanish bank account – having a NIE number is essential. We always advise our clients to secure their NIE as soon as possible.

OPTION 1 - You collect

  1. Our team will fill out all of the required paperwork for you and secure your appointment.
  2. You will then go to a specified local police station at the time of your appointment and collect your NIE.

OPTION 2 - We deliver

  1. You grant us Power of Attorney – allowing us to carry out the entire process for you.
  2. Receive your NIE number from the comfort of your own home – be it in Spain or overseas.

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Power of Attorney and NIE

Sometimes it can prove very difficult to get your NIE in Spain, for a number of reasons. HomeFinance Spain can save you the trouble and obtain your NIE for you. Simply grant us Power of Attorney to act on your behalf and we will do all of the hard work necessary. 

This service has proven invaluable for those who wish to buy a Spanish property but cannot physically be in Spain at the allocated appointment time.

Granting Power of Attorney is easy – contact us now to find out more!

3 Easy Steps

Contact Us

Contact us online or by phone and we will explain the entire NIE process to you and answer any questions that you might have. Choose if you would rather collect your NIE in person or we can send it to you via courier, either in Spain or overseas.

Apply for NIE

Our team will fill out all of the required paperwork for you. If you are going to collect your NIE we will secure an appointment for you.  –  If you want your NIE to be delivered to you, you will need to grant us Power of Attorney.

Receive your NIE

To collect your NIE, you simply go to a specified local police station at the time of your appointment where they will give you your NIE – if you are not collecting your documents in person, they will be delivered by us to your desired location.

Why HomeFinance Spain is the right choice...

  • Our dedicated team have years of experience helping expats obtain their NIE number.
  • We will discuss all of the requirements with you and guide you through the process.
  • We have established trusted relationships with local notaries to help you with anything you need.
  • We speak your language and offer friendly customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can prove very difficult to get a NIE number in Spain for several reasons. The website where individuals book their appointment is all in Spanish, so if you do not speak the language this can prove difficult. Only a few appointments become available online every day, and they go very quickly. All of the paperwork is also in Spanish. Furthermore, in most areas of Spain you will not be able to find a person who speaks English in the Police Station when you go for your appointment.

For these reasons, clients choose to use our services to get an NIE number.

If you would like us to complete the entire process of obtaining your NIE number for you, we will need a notarised power of attorney document and certified copy of your passport. Document evidence of why you need a NIE number might also be required. These documents can include private property purchase agreement, a job contract or a letter from a mortgage company.

If you are moving to Spain, you will need a NIE number to do just about everything.

  • Opening a bank account
  • Buying or selling property
  • Getting a mortgage
  • Paying taxes
  • Being paid by a Spanish employer
  • Studying in Spain
  • Starting a business
  • Receiving benefits and social payments
  • Applying for a drivers license
  • Setting up a utility accounts
  • Inherit assets
  • Signing for parcels