The complete guide to Health Insurance for Expats in Spain

Different healthcare systems, forms and navigating through the different types of health insurance providers can be confusing for expats in Spain. Let us take the stress away, here we explain the Spanish healthcare system and the benefits of private health insurance. Keep reading for more!

All you need to know about Health Insurance in Spain!

Spain has one of the longest life expectancies in Europe. Scientists predict that in 20 years, it will have the longest in the whole world, with the average person living to 86 years of age! 

As stated in the study ‘Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index’, Spain now enjoys the top spot as the healthiest country in the entire world to live in!

Why is Spain one of the healthiest countries to live in?

The healthy Mediterranean diet, sunny climate and excellent healthcare system make Spain one of the healthiest countries in the entire world to live in. Hundreds of thousands of people move to Spain to retire for these reasons. Many people suffering with illnesses, especially respiratory diseases, claim that moving to Spain has significantly improved the quality of their life.

Spain’s healthcare system is ranked as one of the best in the world. However, Spanish private health insurance is still recommended for non-residents who require special medical attention or those who want premium medical care with no long waiting times for appointments. 

So, how does the Spanish healthcare system work?

The Spanish healthcare system is called the Sistema Nacional de Salud (SNS). Employees and employers pay a percentage of a worker’s pay every month into a general social security fund. The total contribution works out as 28.3% of an employee’s paycheque.

Those with special health conditions might consider opting for private health insurance as the SNS does not cover everything. For instance, the SNS does not cover pharmacy medicines, procedures, dental costs, ambulance trips and other medical expenses. These expenses can be very costly if you do not have Spanish health insurance.

Do I get to choose my own doctor with private Spanish health insurance?

Yes! If you take out private health cover with HomeFinance Spain, you have the option of choosing your own doctor from an extensive network of medical professionals. If you require a specialist, your GP will refer you.

Who qualifies for the Spanish Healthcare System?

  1. Residents in Spain who are working and paying social security contributions are entitled to public health care.
  2. Individuals receiving certain Spanish state benefits.
  3. Residents that are recently divorced or separated from a partner who is paying social security payments.
  4. State pensioners receive public heath care.
  5. Those holding an EHIC card are also entitled to public care.

As Spanish private health insurance is so affordable, many people supplement their public health care by also taking out private healthcare insurance! 

6 reasons to get Private Health Insurance in Spain

  1. Private health insurance covers out-of-pocket medical expenses, which are not included in public health cover. These expenses include medicine, hospital procedures, dental care, ambulance trips and much more.
  2. Many expats in Spain discover that they are ineligible for Spain’s social security healthcare cover. Meaning that private health insurance is their only option for receiving compensation for medical costs in Spain.
  3. A very important benefit of having private healthcare cover is avoiding long waiting times for medical procedures and doctor visits. The waiting times in Spain under the public system are very long for certain procedures, especially surgeries. (The average wait time for a hip replacement surgery in Spain is almost 6 months and it can take 2 months to see a medical specialist.) This is an important consideration for those with long term illnesses who require medical attention frequently.
  4. With private health insurance you receive a higher quality of care when you are in hospital. Food and accommodation standards are much better in Spain when you have private healthcare cover.
  5. Those with private health insurance in Spain also benefit from being able to choose their own doctor. Often times they will be able to receive care from a doctor who speaks their language. They also get to pick from a directory of the best medical professionals in Spain.
  6. Many private health insurance packages include dental plans which are very well priced. Dental care is not covered at all by the SNS, so this is important to keep in mind as it is your only option for receiving compensation for dental costs. 

Dental Cover with Spanish Private Health Insurance

Dental procedures in Spain are not covered under the public health care system. Therefore, you must either pay for the expenses in full or take out private health insurance.

The level of quality of dental care is very high. Having private health care insurance can half the cost of your dentist bill. You also have the option of speaking with an English-speaking dentist, which can prove invaluable if you are having complicated dental work done.

We handle all your claims

One of the most challenging parts of insurance in a foreign country are the claim forms, language barriers and being left on hold with call centres. HomeFinance Spain offers a personal and friendly service, which includes dealing with all of your claims. Our clients are guaranteed a friendly and speedy response for all their health insurance claims and queries.

How to get the right Spanish Health Insurance

If you have a special health condition, we strongly advise you speak to one of our insurance brokers to go through your options. Opting for the right health insurance is essential to ensure peace of mind and adequate cover when living abroad in Spain. 

At HomeFinance Spain we provide our clients with comprehensive policies suited to their needs. Premiums depend on age, gender and health requirements. Apply for our policies easily online, from the comfort of your own home! 

Over to you...

So now we have explained the Spanish health care system and the benefits of private health insurance, we hope you have a better understanding of your options. 

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